Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
Essential Tips for Cleaning Casters

Over time casters gather much dirt and all sorts which prevent your caster chair from being rolled, so if you are in that situation here are essential tips for cleaning casters.

Special cleaners may be available, but you might find they’re not nearly as tough as caster wheels. You will need to tackle those with a lot of elbow grease. They’ll also need either special attention or removal from the chair due to specific material. This process will be difficult and require time and patience, but it will result in clean casters for your chair that won’t scratch up tables or floors anymore. So make sure these are the kind you want before going ahead with solvents! Solvents can loosen up dirt particles so they detach more easily from a surface – a good thing for most things around the house except for caster wheels on chairs placed on any surfaces

1) Remove metal wheels from the casters with a wrench, allowing them to dry completely.

2) Pour ½ cup of baking soda through each caster to clean and reduce odors. 

3) Grasp the caster’s axle and feel for any rough or sharp edges that can be smoothed by sandpaper or metal file. Sand off these edges, doing your best to create smooth surfaces on both axles before reinserting wheels and casters. 

4) Wet a rag with white vinegar, then scrub it down the entire frame, repeating as necessary until you’ve fully saturated the finish with the solution. Scrubbing thoroughly will remove dirt particles embedded in crevices otherwise inaccessible – do not rinse!

Casters, those little wheels on the bottom of a chair or table legs and other furniture pieces, come with a lot of responsibility. The care and maintenance should be taken seriously because poorly maintained casters can lead to major issues down the line. This is especially important if you work in an environment where there are liquids like water, soda, tea, or alcohol; if droplets are allowed to stay on casters for too long they have a tendency to corrode the metal parts.

Whether you choose to use soap and water, vinegar, baking soda paste, or other natural cleaners — rubbing the caster will usually do the trick. There are also commercial cleaners available for this purpose that may work just as well without harming your flooring.

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By Alona