Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023
Tips On How To Care and Maintain Caster Chairs

Caster chairs are a great addition to any home, they make dining better and the mobility features add more convenience so knowing how to care for and maintain these swivel caster chairs is a must and prevents unnecessary mistakes.

Casters are usually attached with bolts, placed underneath the chair’s feet. The bolts should typically be tightened firmly to maintain contact between the rubber or metal wheel and the surface of the floor. A common solution is to replace worn-out casters with new ones instead of fixing them because used casters will wear down even more quickly. 

To adequately tighten caster bolts, experts recommend using a manual screwdriver instead of an electric drill so as not to over-tighten and damage furniture legs. Be sure to use a suitable size wrench for this purpose (usually 12mm). If tightening doesn’t work, try rotating around or redistributing the weight on your chair; it may need lubrication; use white graphite powder sparingly

Lubricate the swivel casters with a light machine oil like 3-in-One or another general-purpose household lubricant (optional).

Remember to periodically remove the swivel caster wheels, clean them off and lubricate the wheel bearings with olive oil or WD40. Replacing worn-out chair casters should also be done periodically. 

1. Always be seated when pulling a chair or pushcart from under a table surface

2. Check the condition of the floor to avoid damaging floor finish

3. Move slowly and gently in order not to unnecessarily prolong gratuitous wear on casters or tires  

4. Keep furniture clear of corners, doorways, thresholds, and other hard-to-navigate spaces 

5. Inspect your casters for broken wheels if they’re making excessive noise when rolling over a smooth surface; there may be dirt build-up within wheels which needs cleaning with alcohol or vinegar solution(s) if too extensive for simple vacuuming removal maneuvers 

It is true that the wheels on swivel chairs are designed to be pushed, not pulled. As a result, these parts are only designed for occasional gestures of movement. If you want to avoid any potential damage or wear and tear, try to refrain from rolling them around more than is necessary. That said if this is not possible for whatever reason then it would be advised to apply lubrication every six months. Bear in mind that some types of lubricant can have poisonous substances which could have adverse effects on people with certain medical conditions so please consult a specialist before applying anything.

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By Alona