Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023
How to protect floors when you have caster chairs?

One of the frequent questions that customers ask when they buy caster chairs is how to protect floors when you have caster chairs. Aside from the comfortability of these chairs, it is also the mobility feature that these chairs offer that’s why these are the types of chairs that most people buy. 

Always call the manufacturer would be the first thing we would recommend as they best know what are the dos and don’ts regarding their product. Now if you are looking for what type of caster you need to replace the existing wheels of your caster chair, the best there is are polyurethane casters. Let’s narrow down why!

Polyurethane is a material with various properties and uses. It can be used as a varnish for furniture and even floors, but its most widely-used function is as the coating for silicone or rubber balls.

Polyurethane casters are much more durable than rubber, and will not wear down your floors at all. They’ll also spin better on carpets than rubber. And the polyurethane won’t pick up dirt like other materials can, so you can put it right in place – no need for rolling or rotating the chair around before setting it back down again.

These knobs are made out of hard rubber roll much better than smaller chair wheels will and they also prevent squeaking on all types of surfaces when in use. Worth noting also that mounted caster wheels last many times longer.

The next question is where to buy polyurethane casters? Good question! Caster Chair Company is a go-to when it comes to caster dining chairs, they have all sorts of parts too for your loved caster chairs! Check out their website here!

By Alona