Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Cantilever chair is an interesting and appealing design, but the most important thing to consider is that it has a retro-modern flair and hence can go with different styles.

Mart Stam’s work makes the range of chairs available currently affordable for all. They’re available in metal, wood, cotton canvas and woolen fabric; which means no matter what your style preference is, there’s likely something there for you! Best yet they come as singles or as a set of two so pair them up or mix them with various cushions for maximum versatility.

Even if many people are not familiar with the name ‘Cantilever chair’, they sure know of Scandia. According to their website, Scandia has made 7 million absolutely indestructible cantilever chairs since 1949! The only problem is that you can’t buy one for $129 – sorry.

A popular question seems to be “is this chair affordable?” So given the opportunity, it’s important to point out there are actually very reasonably priced chairs on the market (and more like $99), like cantilevered Mart Stam chairs. They’re beautiful and highly functional all at once, boasting some of the following features: low-lacquered steel frames; also available in oak or walnut; generous proportions.

By Alyssah