Tue. May 21st, 2024
Study and Comfortable Cantilever Chairs

With the trend of living tiny or making use of every space you have, it is wise to buy furniture that serves multiple functions or a space saver. While saving space and money, continue reading about our edition on Space Saver for Small Spaces with Breuer Chairs.

Chairs don’t often take up the most amount of space, but they’re often used as a place to hang your coat or other things. Storage chairs are designed with additional storage space built right into them so that you can store these items somewhere else! Space-saving Breuing Chairs are created to offer easy entry and exit without having to stack it on top of something else. Not only could this be great for small spaces in any room or office, but when you have children around, this could be great when they need a break from being on their feet all day long. These chairs come in several different colors and can help save your home from looking cluttered while offering an opportunity for others who might want their own.

If you have a small space, but still want to get the most out of it by making good use of every inch. The problem is that there are not many options for small spaces that can be easily put away when you need more room. Most furniture takes up too much space and makes your home look smaller than it actually is. If you’re looking for a space-saving solution that also has the minimum eco-footprint, your best bet is to opt for Breuer chairs. These chairs are so minimalistic – they only take up about six inches of floor space and can be stacked whenever not in use.

Space Saver for Small Spaces with Breuer Chairs
These chairs are perfect for people living in apartments or condos, and for people who want a classy chair that you can flex on your Instagram feed, we’ve seen influencers using these chairs! 

Breuer chairs are all constructed with metal frames and come with hardwood seats that choose from a variety of colors including teak, mahogany, espresso, natural walnut, or purple heartwood. The natural wood is sustainably harvested from forests around the world that have assured quality control ensuring beautiful craftsmanship.

This innovative chair design was created by German architect Marcel Breuer in 1952 and has been used ever since in homes all over the world as an alternative seating solution for small areas like kitchens or living rooms where chairs tend to block doorways or hallways. Breuer Chair Company offers both dining chairs with arms and armless dining chairs and you can even choose different wood colors or vary it with cushioned ones.

By Alona