Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
Different bar stool heights

There are a lot of different bar stool heights for different kitchen designs of countertops and kitchen islands. This guide should help you get the right one if you are on the hunt for a good bar stool for your kitchen.

Tempo Furniture bar stools are designed for kitchen use. They’re at a standard height of 29-32″, while general bar stools are usually 35″. Ordinarily more stable, they lack the stand-off distance where drinks can be set on them to free up room at the rail while still being comfortable enough for steps climbing up to the stool. Tempo Furniture comes in beautifully engineered finishes with leather seating and footrests that are constructed high endly to insure luxury standards are met. Offering different bar stool heights to be more suitable for older adults who might need more support when ascending or descending from their perch.

Some people prefer to remain seated while they’re eating, purely for the purpose of minimizing head movement. If that sounds like you, then consider buying some Tempo Furniture bar stools. These are designed to fit in universally accessible heights at just under 24″ tall and just over 33″ tall but can be custom-ordered anywhere in between.

If you want to stand while you eat your dinner at the bar, you might need a high chair or step stool so your feet don’t get tired if they have to stretch downward. First, determine how tall the counter is where the stool will go by measuring from the floor to countertop with a tape measure or holding up an accurate measuring stick; then convert that measurement into stool height.

Tempo Furniture bar stools are simple bar stools at the correct height for sitting. If you’re looking for something that can support your weight, then Tempo Furniture bar stools just might be what you need! With several attractive colors to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect stool to match your decor.

By Alona