Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
Dining Table Trends To Know In 2022

Doing a redesign in your dining setup? New year comes with new interesting interior design ideas, and these are the dining table trends to know this coming 2022!

The quality of wood is a good rule for knowing if you’ve found the perfect pick. More importantly, look for evidence of knots in the wood, which will make it warmer to the touch and add character to your table. In fact, these imperfections are part of what makes each piece unique! To round out your search, note that surfaces should be flat with no warping or bumps (covering up these flaws can create problems down the road), and there should be at least one inch of clearance space between each leg. When picking up or moving any dining table pieces around before purchase, exaggerate movement by pulling side-to-side sharply; this prevents future pieces from breaking apart. 

A fun trend to watch for is custom tables. The benefits of these are numerous since the table of your dreams can fit your needs exactly! Check out Caster Chair Company customized tables

Warm wood tones with pops of sunny gold will be all the rage in dining rooms. The finest materials– including marble, ebony, and platinum will continue to hold significant influence over designers’ repertory.

Given how many people are moving, the most popular trend might be rental dining tables. But if you’re looking for something permanent, plenty of homeowners are embracing generic kitchen-style tables made of sturdy material like wood or marble. These contemporary, upright designs work well with small spaces and look great with traditional or modern furnishings. You can also check out warehouse stores that specialize in folding table sets that anyone can afford! Just put them together at home and voila!

It’s also a good idea to always have a balance between dark blooms, dark pieces at the center of your table with light floral accents. 

By Alona