Mon. May 20th, 2024
Modern Bar Stools for Idyllic Kitchen

Having modern bar stools for an idyllic kitchen is one of the checklists you need to add to your shopping list and each person has their own version of homey interior design, and planning the kitchen is admittedly one of the time-consuming ones, because people spend most of the time here, 3x a day, and in between.

If there’s one brand of bar stools that’s highly recommended, that is Tempo, a sleek, modern bar stool with a suede-like textile that features a very nice blend of natural colors.

This modern barstool has a backless design that will compliment your contemporary style without conflicting too much with it. They are created as the perfect piece to complete any modern countertop which is why we wanted to provide you with this information. The neutral color palette complementing the warming browns and greys which are usually found in wood materials excellently form an identity for this modern city-style furniture piece.

It comes not only in versions you can place on just about any table or countertop but can be used as single units or set up to create your own row of seats at restaurants.

It’s important to look for stools with a low back, which is more suitable in kitchens. These stools are at least 23 inches high, with a seat height of 18 to 26 inches. They have an oil-rubbed bronze powder-coated finish on the base and legs, has two pre-drilled holes for mounting onto counters or countertops at 19 3/4″ widths from each other, and have an easy no-tool assembly that means it’ll only take you about 10 minutes per stool!

First, store your bar stools under a countertop or table, unless they’re designed to stand on the floor. If you have installed a low-hung countertop over a raised kitchen island with enough room around it for someone to move freely and work comfortably from all sides of the island then this is not an issue. Just make sure that there are no sharp corners or heavy items that might interfere with lifting or moving the stool.

Otherwise, if you don’t want ceiling-mounted stools to consider installing them under-cabinet. This is where many people prefer their modern upholstered stools for decorative purposes as well as practical purposes because they can match their flooring and cabinets since they lie

The Tempo bar stool can be placed in kitchens, hallways, bars, and more. And with a bar stool that has a 360-degree rotation, it’s easier to find the right seat for everyone in your party. For someone who likes an upholstered surface, this would be the perfect seat because the metal base is covered with clean, lined fabric. With more than dozens of modern styles and designs you can choose from, you’re one step closer to that idyllic kitchen. Check out their designs here!

By Alona