Sat. Feb 24th, 2024
What kind of stool is good for kitchen island?

What is a kitchen island without a pair of barstools right? So what kind of stool is good for a kitchen island? Behind the countertop, there are a couple inches of space that is perfect for any stool with a wide base. You can put up to four stools in this area and they should fit just fine. If you’re not using the storage space behind the counter, then it’s recommended either one high stool – like a bar stool – or two mid-height stools. Do not get low-height stools because they will hit your feet every time you walk by and it will be very annoying. And incidentally, wobbly or cheap plastic chairs are also too short to use comfortably in this area because the next time someone sits down on them unexpectedly, you’ll be poking their eye out with an end table

The best stool for your kitchen island would be a Tempo bar stool. These are also called height slider stools, they adjust in height which means you can use them at any level of counter space. Just what you need for when your precious little one is on the move!

Or if you’re more than just “most times” cooking, then having adjustable height stools is just plain handy. You can bring up an additional chair or two with ease to serve dinner parties and holidays with less wiggling!

The stool should also be easy to wipe off with a sponge or towel, as spills are often inevitable in the kitchen. A non-slip seat is also recommended for those who prefer to stand, as they can avoid slipping from standing on wet surfaces caused by spilled food or drink. A riser seat is also recommended if your counter height does not require one due to the fact that many kitchens have bar height counters at 36 inches. 

Kitchens are for cooking of both soul and of food, so they deserve a stool that is as comfortable as it is functional. A Tempo bar stool offers the perfect balance between style, comfort, and function. Made from top-quality stainless steel mounted to a strong commercial grade composite base frame, the ergonomic design features an extra-wide saddle seat with dual air cushions that can be adjusted into 6 different positions to ensure the maximum level of back support. The safety feature offers polyurethane skid pads on its feet to prevent movement on uneven surfaces when in use. The contemporary styling will seamlessly match any modern kitchen design while being fully compatible with all major heights counters or islands in your home or office space!

By Alona