Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

In cantilever design, the chair hangs suspended without support from below or from a column of posts. The seat pan and back rail are one unit that is joined at the center by a metal stretcher.

The cantilever style does not limit a person to how they can sit because it focuses on sitting on the front of the chair instead of on behind it. This provides excellent support for those whose weight is distributed towards their back.

For people who have wider hips, this type of chair might work better as it reduces pressure as well as unwanted curvature in your spine as you lean over to rest your stomach against the armrests. Another bonus with this type of chair is that no matter what height you are throwing.

People call cantilever chairs “Mart Stam’s” and it’s easy to see why. Coming from the mind of one of the world’s most daring designers, Mart Stam has repeatedly broken the rules with clever use of steel and dynamic curves.

The untitled chair he first designed in 1952 is a key example. It looked as if its legs were only props, as it sat firmly on armrests that rose from the seat back like wings you’re tempted to fidget with. The latest is what you’ll find at Hotel Bel Air – an elegant throne trimmed in gold pegged together with dove-tailed joints that recall old Dutch cabinets.

By Alyssah