Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
Restore your cane chairs

Cane chairs are beautiful, but over time they can get worn down by the sun and rain. Chairs are expensive to replace, especially if you have a lot of them. And they’re not cheap to repair either, so we have listed down your options here to restore your cane chairs to their former beauty!

We know we get sentimental at times over our things especially if they’ve been with us for quite a long time, and we get that a lot, we know! And these cane seats and backs, have been through a lot, and they may look irreparable but we know just whom to send it for restoration so keep reading.

And even though cane furniture is a great choice for your living room or study, it’s not the easiest to care for. Even if you have them professionally cleaned every few months, eventually, you’ll need to replace your chair seats because of wear and tear. 

We all love our vintage furniture, but it’s hard to find someone who knows how to fix them. But lucky for you, because we know exactly who gets that job done, either you let them fix your broken cane or you can buy just the replacement seat or back that you need.

Like any furniture, the cane wears out and breaks over time. Now you can have it re-caned and color-matched to suit the other chairs in your set. The Breuer chair has a detachable seat and back and in a few minutes, you can unscrew the part with the broken cane (i.e. seat or back) and send it to us to re-cane, all so simple! Upon receiving your items, we will carefully strip out the old damaged cane and spline and reinstall quality new press cane to your piece. We will also color-match the newly installed cane to match closely to your original color, and finally, we will apply the protective sealer for long-lasting wear.

And if you’re the type to just want it replaced with a new cane seat and back, we have just that!

Breuer Chair Company Cane Seat and Back Replacement Parts

By Alona