Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

It’s a classic, and it has a lot of meaning to the modern classics collectors.

There are several reasons why this chair is popular today. One reason is because it was created in 1950 by an amazing designer who pioneered many types of modern design that we see in the world today, including designs for buildings. Another reason is that if you’re into collecting items from before 1954, there were lots of restrictions on what could be designed and manufactured by then introduced afterwards. Yet another possible reason might be because Breuer Chairs can be found cheaply at antique stores or at yard sales so they serve as a great way to get a nice looking piece of furniture without having to break the bank buying one new. 

The Breuer Chair is popular today for its clean design, which provides a nice contrast to the wild designs of other chairs.

With its restrained, functional minimalist styling, this chair has the fresh appearance that many contemporary home-decorators are looking for. With four leg pieces that provide stability and less clutter on the floor yet no need for cross bars across the front or back, this chair can easily become a statement piece in any modern dining room or living room. It’s also comfortable enough to use as odd seating anywhere because it’s covered with foam padding and fiberglass shells so you won’t feel totally exposed when seated.

By Alyssah