Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Yes, Cesca chairs are made in Italy. The company that currently distributes them is called Breuer Chair Company.

The Breuer chair has been made for over fifty years and is the world’s most popular chair. Marcel Lajos Breuer designer of the Breuer chair couldn’t have possibly imagined how popular his chair would be. He is one of the great architects and furniture designers of the 20th century.

If you demand the best, then we have it. We’ve taken the classic Breuer Chair and given it a whole new look for your home or business.

We directly import this fine classic chair from Europe from the factory that has been making it for decades. It is the highest quality available and cannot be compared with Asian imports.

Side chair or armchair styles are available – choose from natural Breuer, honey oak Breuer, walnut, or black wood frame Breuer with cane insert, or our large selection of fabrics or reinforced fabric-back vinyls.

The Breuer chair was designed by Marcel Breuer in 1925 and it is only made by one company. Cesca is a licensed manufacturer of the Breuer chair, but they can’t use his name to market it because he’s alive and still owns the design rights.

Cesca has been producing versions of the “Breuer” chair for over 60 years now so we can safely say that yes, they are indeed made in Italy and not imported from other countries like China or India where inexpensive furniture is usually sourced from.

The Breuer Chair was designed and manufactured by Marcel Breuer and is classified as a three-legged tubular steel chair. Made from tubular steel for resilience by metalworkers with decades of experience—reliance on long-standing quality materials and production methods through tight controls over the full process of fabrication that are more costly but also allows uninterrupted supply to consumers worldwide. Originally stools that were popularized at bowling alleys after WWII because of their low cost, Breuers were later adapted for office furniture – used more often today as side chairs or conference rooms. Of course, they’ve also been converted into famous works of art too!

By Alona