Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

While there are many different types of chair cane replacement seats, Breuer chairs are without a doubt the best because they maintain the original design and flavor. Unlike other manufacturers who want to change the design aesthetically, Breuer stays true to form with a modern twist and provides a custom fit.

They are not cheap, but you will be getting a piece of history.

Breuer was one-of-a-kind, and his chairs for their time were modern marvels. This chair draws on the aesthetics of Scandinavian softness – ethereal lines that are derived from mathematics rather than nature. It’s furniture with no front or back, so it can go anywhere you need to place it – right next to your desk, at the head of the banquet table, draped over the couch…no matter where it seems most welcoming or useful.”

A relatively rare style of chair whose principle feature was a sling or cane on which the back, usually in leather or stuffed with some other fibre, was padded.

In contrast to earlier chairs that were upholstered diagonally from back to front, the new style had stuffing either on one side of the central cushion only, or more commonly on both.

By Alyssah