Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
Breuer Chair Company

No cane chairs don’t break easily. In fact, chair frames in general don’t break easily if designed well. The Breuer Chair is a clear example of a design that encourages a furniture frame to last. People still enjoy them today, and almost 100 years later they’re going strong!

The Breuer Chair was commissioned by the DIA Foundation in 1955 by Marcel Breuer for MoMA’s 20th Anniversary much to the chagrin of critics who disliked its “uncompromising” design at the time. It is made from steel and tubular-steel framework clamped together with screws which hold it firmly in shape – allowing mobility when needs are but at the same time quick jointing during construction or repair.

Synthetic cane is often used to imitate natural materials. However, real cane leaves are woven into the slots of the chair frame, which makes it very durable against breaking.

An example of a famous Breuer Chair is shown below. It was designed in 1935 by Marcel Breuer for the Museum of Modern art in New York City, but ever since then has become an iconic furniture design that can be found throughout Europe and North America. You may even be able to find it at IKEA!

Breuer had his chairs made of molded plywood, which is sturdy and durable. The chair is also designed with no exposed joints that could be broken off, so you’ll need to put some real effort into damaging it.

By Alona