Mon. May 20th, 2024

Not everyone knows about the Cesca chair and its importance in the furniture industry. It is a revolutionary weight-shift systematic seating system that is patented for its moveable seat and seatback. It’s not designed to be a lounger, but to support weight-shift activities on chairs that depend on the chair as the primary type of support – as opposed to more static seating like couches or armchairs. In fact, it even does things chairs can’t do! Now you can sit at your computer with one foot turned under you while using your mouse, pull one knee towards yourself while still sitting up straight…all without making adjustments in where and how you’re sitting! What kind of chair does that? None and that is one variation that makes Cesca Chair different from others.

These chairs also is an ergonomic design that relieves pressure on the lower back, allows for better posture, and reduces the risk of getting sick. The innovative design takes traditional chair measurements to form interlocking joints which assist in 20-40% of pressure relief on your body alone.

This is an excellent example of how product demands are shifting more towards healthier designs. Numerous studies have found that leaning forward throughout the day can cause bad posture and lead to slouching over time. This is why many office furniture manufacturers are re-investing in designing chairs with healthy postures built into them–exceptional ergonomics, proven health benefits, sustainable production materials, and affordable pricing will become commonplace across this industry.

By Alona